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Making is inextricably a part of who I am and rises up through me as a way to transform my experiences into physical forms to share depth, beauty, and truth. I make art based on what is important to me - love, spirit, growth, awareness and reconnecting to the knowing centre that glows in each of us. Following this inner wisdom is what I practice in my life and is also what guides my creative process. 


I love weaving with paper. It is my way of communicating through a tactile sensitivity with layers of thoughtful process. I am currently in exploration of making fine paper cloth and also less fine, wall mounted paper weavings. I cut, roll, and spin the paper by hand to make threads, then weave them. I often include my own handmade inks or natural dyes into the process by incorporating written words onto the paper, imbedding meaning into the resulting cloth in quite a literal way. The making process involves the rhythmic motions of writing, cutting, rolling, spinning, and weaving which becomes a meditation and is soothing an a visceral way. The hands feel and operate with an intelligence of their own, the rhythm of the heart and breath is honoured, and felt sense is given space to grow. Weaving with paper has a sensual quality to it. It is tactile in diverse ways depending on how it is manipulated, but also there is a sensitivity in the cloth, a gentle strength, a thoughtful beauty, a quiet and profound presence. Cloth and weaving in itself have such an intimate relationship with the body, often a comfort and familiarity which allows access to deeper depths in ourselves if we are willing to go there. I quite enjoy these dimensions to this medium, which inherently work in tandem with my creative process and concepts.


My love for weaving with paper started during my Fine Arts Degree at the Alberta College of Art + Design, and it is the first thing I returned to after taking a break to recuperate from art school. My last few years have been about finding my way back into art and where I want to go with it. I have been weaving with paper and text to create small and meaningful expressions of self and centre, then, about a year ago, I found out about shifu (the Japanese tradition of weaving paper cloth). This sparked an even brighter fire in me and since then I have been exploring and practicing this tradition more. It has taken my practice of paper weaving to a whole new space with multitudes of possibilities. Every part of the process is intensely satisfying to me and I feel like I am also connecting in some way with my Japanese heritage through it. My learning and exploration in this craft continues on and on.


Please connect with me directly for procurement and commissions.