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A Song of Praise for Shifu by Susan J. Byrd, Michigan: The Legacy Press, 2013.

Kigami and Kami-ito by Hiroko Karuno, Kyoto: Shikosha Publishing, 2017.

“Paper Weight” by Stephen Szczepanek on Hiroko Karuno, Selvedge Issue 22, 2008.

Paper Threadmaking for Shifu by Susan Byrd,

Rolling Paper Strips into a Thread by Susan Byrd,

Video Moeki by Moeki Yamada,

Social Media


Paper Thread, Paper Yarn and Paper Textiles Group has a wonderful resource pages, and is a good way to see and share related work 



@byrds.nest Susan Byrd, shifu weaver and enthusiast 

@kashikiseishi a Japanese paper mill (also has great volunteer opportunities for room and board)

@velmabolyard Velma Bolyard, paper and shifu artist

@sarahcswett Sarah Swett, makes tapestries from coffee filter yarn

@nakahira_misako Nakahira Misako, paper weaver

@mylene_boisvert Mylène Boisvert, paper thread lace and knotting

@ellie_burkettpaperandtextiles Ellie Burkett, paper art

@karenltrask Karen Trask, paper yarn sculpture and weaving

@hiloshilarios handmade paper yarns

@sandradammiziotextiles Sandra Dammizio, shifu and paper thread

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