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the spirit of the work

honesty. presence. devotion.
It’s what I ask of myself when I work. Beyond the physical task of creating, my practice is about showing up with humility, and finding paths back to my centre over and over again. It is about recording this process. 

I work with thread and cloth, which have both been longtime companions for me. As a tactile person, there is a deep satisfaction in the basic handling of fibres. Using this touch activated sense is essential to my creative process, as are intuition and introspection. Much of my work is a reflection of an internal journey, and this informs the sentiment behind each piece  

The way that thread and cloth communicate intimately in their own language is a beautiful thing to be privy to. Once you’ve spent enough time with them, or through the effort to make them, you can see how they are alive and hold energy, how they contribute to our sense of being taken care of and held warm. They are built through many small movements over time; like relationships built with love and care.

I seek to create space with simplicity in my textiles, and direct focus with subtlety. There is beauty in the quiet texture of materials, like the depth that a resounding stillness holds.
The work I make, particularly with paper, is a slow craft - which I consider to be a form of resistance to the way many of us are taught to live our lives. The process is labour intense and as beautiful as the finished textile. 

This practice is a way of life - to keep true vision and do what makes my heart whole. To be me. Anyone I see making space in their life to follow that thread for themselves has given me the courage to do the same, and I hope my practice does that for others as well.

For my work with shifu and kami-ito, I make it part of my practice to consider and give thanks to the generations of people in Japan who created and passed on this beautiful craft. I am grateful to have had several very talented shifu mentors, masters, and friends help me along the way. I would like to extend my deepest gratitude to all those in the community, who have graced me with their kindness and knowledge.
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