kami-ito / paper thread

Japanese paper made of fibre from the kozo (paper mulberry) tree, crisp, handmade, strong  

Fold and cut into 2-10mm strips

Roll on cement blocks to soften and start thread formation

Separate strands into one long thread

Spin to add twist and turn into thread

Fold and cut into 2-10mm strips

Finish by boiling or steaming to set the twist. Dry and wind into skeins

shifu / paper cloth

Weave the kami-ito into cloth

resources for learning

Books, articles, videos

A Song of Praise for Shifu by Susan J. Byrd, Michigan: The Legacy Press, 2013.
Kigami and Kami-ito by Hiroko Karuno, Kyoto: Shikosha Publishing, 2017.
“Paper Weight” by Stephen Szczepanek on Hiroko Karuno, Selvedge Issue 22, 2008.
Paper Threadmaking for Shifu by Susan Byrd, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HtQFB1Ztb84
Rolling Paper Strips into a Thread by Susan Byrd, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Qm8WPhowKwk
Video Moeki by Moeki Yamada, https://vimeo.com/380250543